How Small is Small?

Martin Newell's Amazing 1/48 P-51

Organizing indoor fun fly events has been a very rewarding activity.  I've met a lot of great new people and very talented RC flyers.  Most of these guys normally like to fly outside with much bigger aircraft, and that's cool.  It's a hobby with plenty of room for a wide range interests.  Me, I like to fly indoors and I like to fly small.

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Welcome to the Regina Micro Flyers, a website dedicated to the Regina and area RC electric indoor micro flying enthusiasts.  We're still in the process of setting up, so please excuse the mess while things get sorted out.

Until then check out the forum for news of indoor flying events and other things of interest.

2012 - Apr 21 Indoor fly

The weather might be darn near perfect outside, but there's still time for some indoor flying.

Dave's Rescue Tandem

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