How Small is Small?

Martin Newell's Amazing 1/48 P-51

Organizing indoor fun fly events has been a very rewarding activity.  I've met a lot of great new people and very talented RC flyers.  Most of these guys normally like to fly outside with much bigger aircraft, and that's cool.  It's a hobby with plenty of room for a wide range interests.  Me, I like to fly indoors and I like to fly small.

Ask six different people what 'micro' sized means and you'll get six different answers.  To the outdoor flyers, micro sized might be something you'd leave in the trunk for anything but the calmest days.  I've seen some pretty large aircraft described as "a good micro flyer and you can fly it indoors too".  Well, I park my car in the garage every day, but I wouldn't call my car an indoor driver.  You'll get just as many definitions for 'indoor' flying.  My indoor flying is my living room.  For others it might be an indoor soccer field (which is really just more outdoor flying, only with a roof over head).

Check out Martin Newell's 1/48 scale P-51 above.  He gets micro flying.

Micro P-51 with Working RetractsIf you're amazed that he built an actual flying micro (9.25" wing span) P-51 (from scratch!), wait till you hear the details.

You'd think it would be enough to squeeze in a simple 3 channel into this fantastic indoor flyer. But Martin raised the bar quite a bit higher than that. This little gem contains a 6 channel receiver. Not only does it have the standard rudder, elevator and throttle, but it also has working ailerons, flaps, flying lights and retractable gear!

Seriously, how cool is that!

Visit his website for all the fantastic details Martin's Flying Machines.

Micro B-25


And while you're there be sure to also check out his 1/48 scale B-25 bomber.  Like the P-51 this micro bomber also has retracts, flaps and navigation lights.  Not only that, it also has wheel brakes and a bomb drop mechanism!



Now, admittedly  this P-51 and B-25 might be a little fast for the space we usually have available to call 'indoor'.  But the level of craftsmanship and miniaturization can hardly leave any room for doubt that these are truly micro flyers.


Prehistoric Micro Flyer