2012 - Mar 24 Glencairn Indoor Fly

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2012 - Mar 24 Glencairn Indoor Fly

Postby sysadmin » Sun Mar 25, 2012 10:08 am

If you have any questions, pictures or more detail to add to the Mar 24 Glencairn Indoor Fly, post them here!
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Re: Mar 24 Glencairn Indoor Fly

Postby Doodboy1 » Sun Mar 25, 2012 5:09 pm

Thanks for including us foamy guys again on the indoor last night. It sure was an interesting night to say the least eh! Anyways, now that I have a 300 sized heli, does that make me a heli guy too? You probably didn't know but I have a small MSR as well. Perhaps I'll bring it to the next session.

I was thinking I'm going to build you that foamy for you rather than taking on the task yourself. Perhaps it will be easier for you as this is your first airplane. What you'll need is: Three 5gram servo's (HXT 500) One 4-6 channel DSM2 RX, A TURNIGY MOTOR MODEL # 2211(2300 kv) or for absolute nuts power a TURNIGY C-20 (2050 kv) a bit larger. The 2211 I think is available at REDLINE just talk to Henry. I will put some control horns on the surfaces for you. Pushrods are easy to make or get some really thing gauge piano wire (DIAMATER LIKE A SMALL TOOTH PICK). For batteries use NANOTECH 2S 370 mah or 3S 460 mah. For props I would get some 8X4 GWS (FLAT STYLE) or 9x3.8 slow flyer style. You can call email me and we can get together if you'd like.
Happy building for me and an anxious pilot you are I'm sure. Get them there thumbs ready for some other kind 'a fun my friend. :D

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Re: Mar 24 Glencairn Indoor Fly

Postby SamIam » Sat Mar 31, 2012 1:01 am

Wow! Jaimie, that's a generous offer!

I like building too (I'm probably more of builder than a flyer), but I certainly don't mind starting with a pre-built example. It'll get me in the air until I can develop my own creations. I'll warn you now though, it may be a while before I can gather up my ducks and actually get to placing an order for parts. I may end up staring at that bare bones frame for some time.

So, based on your suggestions, I went cruising the HK website looking for suitable items. Quite a few of my first choices are on backorder, so keeping that in mind, and price (if it's cheap enough I'll order a couple for more projects), here's my scratch pad of what I'm thinking about. This is also my reference of links so I can find the items easily again later.

Tell me what you think of some of these options?

The HXT 500 are on back order. I looked long and hard but couldn't find anything that looked like a direct replacement or a 'better' replacement. Maybe when I get my pants on fire, the HXT 500 will be back in stock.
My next choice would be the 4.3 Mini Man. It's not a great replacement. It's lighter, and nearly as fast, but not as powerful. Over all I don't think it's significantly lighter for the loss of power. I guess it depends on how much servo power a 3D foamy needs?

I've found two choices, OrangeRx R610 Spektrum DSM2 6Ch and OrangeRx R415 Spektrum DSM2 4Ch. They both look good to me and at these prices I'd probably get one of each and maybe a spare for other projects, so the receiver is a no brainer.

Motors are trickier. There's so many to choose from it's hard to sort out what's good and what's not. There's the Turnigy 2211 you recommended. I also thought the Turnigy Park250 might be a good choice (less power, but less weight). And just for fun what do you think of this little power house C1818 Micro? Too small?

I was hoping for a receiver brick with built in servos and an Esc, but not such luck. Esc from HK seem to be specialized for either 1S micros or much bigger planes with not much in the light weight 2-3S range. So in the interest of finding a light Esc capable of handling 2-3s and an appropriate amount of power I though the HobbyKing 10A ESC 1A UBEC would do the trick.

The batteries are a no brainer, Turnigy nano-tech 370mah 2S or Turnigy nano-tech 460mah 3S. I've only got a 1S charger, so that could be a problem. I'll cross that bridge when I actually place the order.

Found these 8X4 GWS. Is that what you're talking about? I could only find 9x5 not 9x3.8.


Help me narrow down my choices. Which of the above items (or other) should I be placing in the cart to get me going?


Now, I've also got plans to do some some smaller microflyer stuff as well. I have a goal to find out how small (and reasonably cheap) a 3D foamy can be built. And I mean 'small'. I'd like to see if I can build a 3D foamy capable of running off my 1S 300ma mcpx batteries. So unrelated to a full size 3D foamy above, I'm also looking at these items:

HK-5320 Ultra-Micro Digital Servo
5A 1S Brushless Controller
2.4Ghz SuperMicro Systems - Brushless ESC - 3.5A
HobbyKing XP 3A 1S 0.7g Brushless Speed Controller
Hobbyking 3A Single Cell ESC
TGY DP 3A 1S 1g Brushless Speed Controller
HobbyKing AP-03 7000kv Brushless Micro Motor
Turnigy 1400 Brushless Indoor Motor 4500kv

What do you think? Can a 1S 300ma 3D micro flyer be conceived from any of these things?
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Re: Mar 24 Glencairn Indoor Fly

Postby Doodboy1 » Wed Apr 04, 2012 10:55 am

Hey Scott,
For the heck of it you could get an extra 300 UMX Bind and Fly from henry for 149.00. The whole plane RTF is 28 grams. When that airplane is finished from being plantd 1000 times you can use the micro stuff in a bit larger plane like the one I am going to build for you. All you would need is a 9gram servo HXT 900 and Henry has them in stock plus the larger motor like the c-20 or the one I was talking about. Once you have the stuff you just go on from there. We'll talk about it at the next fun-fly. Is that not this Saturday?
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Re: Mar 24 Glencairn Indoor Fly

Postby SamIam » Wed Apr 04, 2012 6:21 pm

Next Glencairn is April 21 ( 2 more weeks) on account of Easter this weekend.

Well, thanks for making my choices easier (NOT!)

The 300 UMX is a nice collection of parts (to bad it's not brushless). Did some research and it sounds like my kind of ticket, but I'd feel compelled to not break it (or part it). My budget won't allow for a 300 UMX 'and' other parts for scratch building, so if I went the UMX route that would be the end of my building plans for a while. Still, it would be good example to get a feel for ways to build light...

Now I don't know whether to go for parts I can tinker with, or a rtf I can start flying now. :(
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Re: Mar 24 Glencairn Indoor Fly

Postby SamIam » Fri Apr 06, 2012 12:43 am

Thanks for getting my hopes up :(

I just checked in to the LHS ready to pony up for a UMX Extra 300. No such thing in the store. In fact the 'guy' never heard of it. He was pretty sure the only micro 3D ever made were the ones sitting in the store (which were not the UMX 300). He even tried to steer me towards a Gee Bee racer, go figure.

Guess it's back to an online order.
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