2012 - Apr 21 Glencairn Indoor Fly

If there could have been a better excuse for ditching indoor flying I don't know what it would be.  The weather was absolutely incredible.  Warm, dead calm and no bugs.  Days like this only come around once or twice a year if your lucky so it would be a crime not to take advantage of it.  And take advantage is exactly what the 3D foamy boys did.

There's much to be said for being able to just whip an airplane out of your car and throw it up in the air when the opportunity presents itself.  No noise, no flying restrictions, just good clean fun whether it be a park, a parking lot or even just a driveway or back yard.  Electric flight, you've come a long way baby!

Some of you may be old enough to remember when flying gas planes was this "uncomplicated".

My hat goes off to Jamie, Blare and the rest of the 3D foamy boys.  You guys have really found a sweet spot for flying.

Jamie and Blare taking a momentA bird in the hand is worth 2 in the trunk

 Jamie is an enthusiastic and dedicated supporter of his hobby.  If you don't know him you really should take the time to introduce yourself.



Hmmm.... Snacks!

This was the last Glencairn indoor fly of the season.  While they don't come right out and say it publicly, the Glencairn indoor fly events are sponsored and promoted by the Regina Windy Flyers.  Now that summer is here, these guys will be moving on to bigger and better things outdoors.

Don't forget to check their website for news of outdoor flying activities all summer long.

Dave brought pop and chips for all to enjoy free of charge.  Thanks Dave!

Daves Rescue Tandem

Dave's beautiful tandem rescue heli has been out to every indoor fly (I think?) and I've always managed to just miss getting a video of it flying.  This time I made a special point of asking Dave to put it in the air for me, but wouldn't you know it he had no batteries charged to fly it.  So a picture is just going to have to do.  Dave was extra busy taking care of closing out the Glencairn indoor fly, so I guess he's excused this time.


Fortunately for Dave he did find some time to squeeze in a little fun with an mqx quadcopter.

Dave's mqx quadcopter


Sorry I don't have more flying pictures and video.  The turn out was as good as any but it seems I spend more time talking to people now than flying and taking pictures.  I think I'm going to have to start delegating photographer to stay on top of things for me.  Any volunteers?

Dave has said from day one that the extra money left over after paying for the space would be given back to the flyers by way of a raffle on closing night.  I had no idea how much that would actually be.  So the flying night wound up a little earlier than usual to allow for a draw of four cash prizes.

Phill wins the grand prize

Phil walked away with the grand prize of $300.  Lucky guy!  That's easily 2 new micro flyers right there!  Or a whole pile of spare parts and batteries.  Go Phil!

Wes Second Prize

Wes took home the second prize of $100.  I'm sure that will be very useful.



Jamie third prize

And finally Jamie and Rob (hope I got the name right) each went home an extra $50 dollars richer.

Rob third prize



DaveDave deserves a big thanks for managing the Glencairn indoor fly events.  Dave is the first person to arrive to setup and the last person to leave and lock up.  He's responsible for collecting the fees, keeping things under control, ensuring that the gym is properly cleaned up when it's over and probably a lot more I'm not even aware of.

Dave is constantly fielding questions and bringing interesting models to show.  My guess is that most nights he barely gets any flight time at all.  It's a lot of work.

The Regina Windy Flyers also deserve a big thanks for arranging the Glencairn indoor events.  They provide modellers with a great opportunity keep active during the long winter months.  You should really think about becoming a member of their club if you aren't already.


So that's it for the Glencairn indoor fly. From now on the ReginaMicroFlyers will be planning indoor events of their own. Keep checking the Coming Events for new event news.  I Hope to keep seeing old faces and new alike.

Thanks everyone!

If you have any questions, photos or more detail to add to the Apr 21 indoor fly, be sure to post them on the forum Apr 21 Glencairn Indoor Fly.

2012 - Mar 24 Glencairn Indoor Fly

Another exciting evening (in too many ways) of indoor flying at the Glencairn rec center.  Only one more scheduled indoor fly left before Summer.  Hopefully I'll have some news of new flying dates and locations posted before everyone disappears outdoors.

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2012 - Mar 10 Glencairn Indoor Fly

The weather is showing signs of warming up outside.  I know most of you guys have been killing time indoors and it won't be long before the indoor crowd starts to disperse.  There's only two more indoor nights booked for the Glencairn (thanks Dave for for making these happen).  I hope we can find and schedule more indoor events for those of us who will continue looking for indoor flying through the summer.

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2012 - Feb 25 Glencairn Indoor Fly

You'd never know there was a snow storm blowing outside.  The turn out for the Feb 25 Glencairn Indoor fly was probably as good as any other I've seen, maybe even better.

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2012 - Feb 11 Glencairn Indoor Fly

Another good turn out at the Glencairn Neighbourhood Recreation Centre.  I'll have to start taking notes on who's doing what.  If anyone can provide more details, I'll gladly fill in this little description.

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