2012 - Feb 11 Glencairn Indoor Fly

Another good turn out at the Glencairn Neighbourhood Recreation Centre.  I'll have to start taking notes on who's doing what.  If anyone can provide more details, I'll gladly fill in this little description.


I noticed quite good selection of helis.  Mostly Blade models, mCPx, SR120, mSR, mSRX, mCX2, CX2 and a CX tandem.  There was even a blade mQx quad in the air.  As well as several other brands of helis I don't recognize.

The 3d foam plane boys were out force.  They can really crank those motors up!

I also caught at least one slow flyer floating in the upper air.  Sometimes it's hard to catch what's going on around you when you've got your thumbs on the sticks and your concentration nailed on that little machine in front of you.

The highlight of the evening was Brandon's spectacular 3D piloting skills.  Wow!  Just wow!  I don't know how he learned to do that, but it's just crazy.