2012 - Feb 25 Glencairn Indoor Fly

You'd never know there was a snow storm blowing outside.  The turn out for the Feb 25 Glencairn Indoor fly was probably as good as any other I've seen, maybe even better.


The 3D foamy hunting grounds

The 3D foam planes just keep growing.  I swear they're multiplying like rabbits.  These planes are scratch built from commonly available building materials and capable of all sorts of 3D flying in very small spaces.

It's good to see people actually building their aircraft instead of just buying them RTF (guilty as charged).  In between flying it's a great way to keep active in the hobby.

As you can see, these guys have been working together on projects.  If you look very closely you'll see that each of these planes has a slightly different configuration in the under wing flying wires.

Good things come in 3s

And here's what they look like in the air.  I'm not sure which pilot to credit for the flying.  As you can see they're quite agile under the right thumbs.

The 'Slinky'

Here's Jamie Gass with another 3D foamy of his.  Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe it's his own design too.

Here's another variation on the indoor foamy theme, Cory's scratch built 'NutBall'.  Hard to believe it flies, but fly it does and well too.  He says it's a tough little plane that can take quite beating.  It's got a great eye catching paint job.

Cory's scratch built 'NutBall'

There's a great thread of information on RCgroups.com if you're looking to build one of your own The NutBall, best damn RET foamy yet.....

 On a lighter note, Doug Brownlee had an amazing E-Flite Vapor.  The Vapor really is a nice indoor flyer.  Doug easily kept it in the air for what seemed like forever.  I'm sure he could have flown it in even smaller spaces.  I was especially impressed by the LED lighting built into it.  When planes this small get out there it can be difficult to keep an eye orientation, but the LED lights really make it visible.  Thanks for sharing Doug.

 Doug's E-Flite Vapor  

 I'd like to thank Dave for organizing the Glencairn indoor fly.  He's the one who books the gym to make this possible.  I also understand he flies the blimp at the Pat's games.  Maybe you can get the blimp to the gym some time?  Now that would be cool!

Dave's T-Rex 600

Dave is always bringing 'bigger' stuff to the indoor fly to spark interest in flying out doors.  This night he had his T-Rex 600 out.  Obviously, this is too big to fly indoors, but it's fun to see the possibilities of what can be done with larger outdoor models.  I should have put an mSR in the photo for comparison.


Dave can usually be seen flying his tandem coaxial 'rescue' heli (is that the E-flite Blade mCX Tandem Rescue Coaxial Helicopter?)  I didn't catch the tandem, but Dave did have a very nice looking Hobby King 250 in the air tonight.  The 250 is a bit bigger than most of our micro-helicopters, but not so big that it can't fly indoors.  It has a belt drive tail and what sounds like loads of power.  I'll bet it can really move when he puts his thumbs to it.


And Finally, here's Derek Kanak flying a Blade mQX another flyer brought out.  The mQX is a very stable quad copter that pretty much flies itself.  As you can see it drew quite a bit of interest.

Derek flying the mQX

 All in all, another great night of indoor flying.  Thanks everyone for letting me post pictures and taking time out of your flying to talk with me!