2012 - Mar 10 Glencairn Indoor Fly

The weather is showing signs of warming up outside.  I know most of you guys have been killing time indoors and it won't be long before the indoor crowd starts to disperse.  There's only two more indoor nights booked for the Glencairn (thanks Dave for for making these happen).  I hope we can find and schedule more indoor events for those of us who will continue looking for indoor flying through the summer.


As usual the foamy boys were out in force.  We're going to have to start calling this the 'Gencairn 3D Foamy Fly'.  I didn't get any pictures this time (sorry guys, next time), but I see there were some new designs on the floor (or new to me anyway).  Here's a nice little clip of Brandon's flying.  He makes it look so easy.

Brandon's 3D foamy

Check out the control surfaces of this foamy.  The elevator and rudder are pretty much all control surface and the wings are nearly half aileron!


Most of the helis that turn out are Horizon Hobby 'blade' products.  The Blade heli line makes it easy to get into helis, mostly because you can share components (transmitters, battery chargers) between models and spare parts are easily found.  Over all HH builds good durable products with path for advancement from beginner to expert.  So I guess it's no surprise that the majority of the indoor flyers are starting with blades.

Tian Macdonald's Blade SR

Tien Macdonald had a nice looking Blade SR out.

The SR is pretty much the limit of what can be flown indoors.  It's really an outdoor heli, but it's still small enough for larger indoor spaces like a gym (do try to fly this at home!).

It's a Collective Pitch (CP) heli, so it can handle some wind.

I'm sure Tien will be looking forward to sunny days outdoors with this one.

The Blade 120SR is another popular model. There must have been at least 4 120SRs out by my count. Here's Tien flying his.

The 120SR is smaller than the SR, but it might still be a little big for the living room. The 120SR makes for a good transition between indoor and outdoor flying. It's big enough to be seen at a distance, yet small enough to not require much space. Some have described the 120SR as a super sized MSR.

Tian's son Braeden

Tien was accompanied by his son Braeden. I've seen Braeden out on previous Glencairn indoor nights, he's a regular. Don't let his young age fool you, I understand he's quite an accomplished pilot.

I noticed Braeden was flying Dave's tandem rescue heli at one point.

Note the orange balls on the training skids in the left of the picture.  I believe those were attached to the Blade SR while it was in the air.

Phil's 120SR

Here's another 120SR brought owned by Phil Ursulescu.

Phil has hopped it up with an alternate canopy modified from a different heli.  Easy to see and easy access to the battery.  Just goes to show you don't have to stick to the factory parts.

Phil appears to of had some sort of accident.  I couldn't quite get the story straight (there appeared to be differing versions depending on who you asked), but it went something along the lines of the wall jumping out and knocking his bird down in flight Laughing  Looks like he'll need a new tail rotor to get back in the air.

Phil is heavily involved in Regina RC car racing club (The president if I'm not mistaken).  Be sure to check out their website http://www.reginafastraxx.com/

The RC car racers and the Indoor Micro Flyers have much in common.  Most importantly, we're both need indoor space to setup and do our thing.  I'm looking forward to working with Phil to find more options for indoor flying.

Terry's MCPX mods

I have to apologize for the picture, my camera focus just didn't want to fix on the important parts.

Another Popular Blade model is the mCPx.  Here is Terry Numrich's with some nice metal upgrades from www.xtreme-production.com.  Looks good Terry!


The mCPx is a very popular heli due to it's small size and aggressive sport capabilities.  Because of it's flybarless CP design this heli will do inverted 3D flying both indoors and outdoors.  It's no surprise a lot of guys have this one.

Next down the size scale and a really nice indoor heli is the blade mSR X.  The mSR X is HH's latest heli, replacing the previous mSR model.  The mSR X advances flybarless technology to a new level.  Easier to fly than an mCPx, faster and funner to fly than the mSR it replaces.  This little heli is great both indoors and out.  Here's Kurt Finke flying his:

Kurt Finke flying his mSR X

Wes Erickson's  CX3

Wes Erickson had his beautiful CX3 'police' heli out.  I really like the scale helis.

This is another HH 'blade' product, unfortunately, this one is discontinued now.

You can see this is a coax, so it's very stable to fly.

Normally a coax might look out of place in a scale body (no tail rotor), but in this case the real MD 520N this heli is modelled after uses a NOTAR system for anti-torque control and in fact has no tail rotor.



Wes flying his CX3

Here's Wes's CX3 in action.

Brandon's T-Rex 450 Pro

And then there's Brandon Fiorante's T-Rex 450 Pro which takes things to a whole new level.  Obviously this is not what you'd consider an indoor flyer.  I think Brandon is pretty happy to see spring just around the corner.

Brandon is no ordinary indoor flyer.  He's competed and he has sponsors.  Whether you're into the whole 3D helicopter scene or not you've got to appreciate the skill and reflexes Brandon is able to demonstrate.

Brandon says he's been flying since 2008.

That's only four years!!

So how does he show up one night in 2 weeks and tear up the gym space without so much as a warm up?  Brandon credits it to time on the computer flight simulator.

I'll have to do more checking into a flight simulator.  But you know, I think there's a lot more to his skills than that.

Thanks everyone for another interesting night of indoor flying!

If you have any questions, photos or more detail to add to the Mar 10 indoor fly, be sure to post them on the forum Mar 10 Glencairn Indoor Fly