2012 - Mar 24 Glencairn Indoor Fly

Another exciting evening (in too many ways) of indoor flying at the Glencairn rec center.  Only one more scheduled indoor fly left before Summer.  Hopefully I'll have some news of new flying dates and locations posted before everyone disappears outdoors.

The heli owners are showing more and more signs of personalizing. Maybe it's because the 'newness' of many of these models is starting wear off or maybe it's a more basic desire to stand out from the crowd of similar looking helis in the air on fly night.

Here's an interesting Blade 120SR in a an Extreme Production canopy (at least I think that's who makes it). The extra size of the 120SR makes for a nice stable flight.

Don Emery has taken a couple of approaches to making it 'his own'.  First is an mSRx disgused in an unpainted mcx body.  This one really throws you off because you expect to see an mcx floating slowly around, but with an mSRx under the hood, it's all over the place.  It's a wolf in sheep's clothing.  The second is a paper canopy on an mCPx.  I've seen these before (maybe Don would post a link to the patterns in the forum?).  The beauty of paper canopies is you can customize them any way you want.  It doesn't show on this picture, but it actually says 'Piloted by Don' on it.  They're also cheap, so feel free to make a different one for every day of the week.  They don't stand up well to getting knocked about, but then a replacement is just sheet of paper away.

Don's mSRx in sheep's clothingDon's paper mCPx body

Don Emery - MSRX

Here's Don flying his mSRx. Looks like he's got those left turns down.  I also caught Don flipping his mCPx into inverted fly (and controlling it).  Suddenly I'm feeling like a grass hopper in my training. 

Group tune up

It's really great to see how the indoor flying enthusiasts are coming together.  When I first started showing up at these events everyone was friendly and polite, but there wasn't much chit chat outside of individual groups.  Lately I've been seeing more and more discussion between pilots.  Here a crowd has gathered around to watch Dave help Jamie get his heli setup.  These indoor events are a good opportunity to ask questions and learn from other experienced flyers.

Doug's Rescue

Occasionally 'rough landings'  happen.  Doug was nearly out a plane here after a run in with a basketball hoop.  But thanks to a team effort, the lost aircraft was recovered.  I think the smile on Doug's face says it all. Good thing it didn't end up in the ceiling fans! 


Doug's Rescue Success!

Cory's Pizza Box Never one to disappoint, Cory was out with another unusual design, the 'Pizza Box'.  That's right, it even says so right there on the, uhm, box.  He's definitely an outside of the box kind of thinker.  Is that delissio or delivery?

As you may or may not know, the 'Foamie' flyers are often made from off the shelf foam board available from any paper supplier (WallMart, Dollar store, etc).  Foam board is typically used for things like posters and display boards so it's both stiff and has a smooth paper finish.  A foam core is sandwiched between two sheets of paper which gives it its strength yet keeps it light weight.  What you probably don't know is that foam board from the dollar store is particularly 'cheap'.  The paper layers are really thin and the surface tends to be a little rough and un-even.  Bad qualities to have when making prized a display poster, but great qualities if you're building for light weight flying.  And as a bonus, you can save some money too!

Jamie was giving me some great tips on flying 3D Foamies.  I've mentioned it before, but this model is one of Jamie's own designs.  He tells me it was designed to be 'floaty' and easy to fly.  He sure makes it look easy to fly!  I was a little surprised to find out how much rudder is involved in 3D flying.  In a vertical hover, the tail alone is calling all the shots, the ailerons are just there to provide a little anti-torque deflection.  Compared to heli sticks, the left/right cyclic (ailerons) is now now yaw control and the rudder is left/right control.  It''s like trading your left and right sticks.  It all looks very confusing.

Blare 3D flying

Foamy Formation 

Here's Blare Wilson showing his 3D chops.  You guys should really start a formation flying team.

Braeden on the mSRx

Maybe this would make a good topic for a poll question?  (I'm a thumber myself!)

You know, I couldn't help but take note of who's flying with the 'pinch' method and who's flying with the 'thumbs' method.  I used to think the 'pinchers' were old timers who grew up in a different era of transmitters.  But you can see on the left here that Braeden is a 'pincher' and he's about as far away from an old timer as you can get.  Check the line up below and the other pictures posted here and you'll see that there doesn't appear to be any relation between experience, age and pinchers or thumbers.

line up

Finally, just for fun I've included some video of Jamie doing some inverted flips with his heli.  He's not quite up to the gold bar standard that Brandon has set, but it's a good view anyway Wink  Well done Jamie!

Thanks everyone for another interesting night of indoor flying!

If you have any questions, photos or more detail to add to the Mar 24 indoor fly, be sure to post them on the forum Mar 24 Glencairn Indoor Fly